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Do you offer certificates upon completion of the training? I believe having a certificate would be immensely helpful for several reasons. Firstly, it would serve as tangible proof of my newly acquired skills and knowledge, which I can present to current and potential employers. This could significantly enhance my resume and demonstrate my commitment to professional development. Additionally, some of my career goals involve obtaining certain industry credentials, and having a certificate from this training could be a valuable asset in that process.

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We do provide certificates upon completion of the training. However, please note that these certificates are not accredited or certified by any external institution. They serve as a recognition of your participation and achievement within our program.

To offer an official, accredited certificate, we would need to collaborate with a recognized institution. This process involves additional administrative and certification costs, which would significantly increase the price of the course. For example, instead of our current fee of $100 per course, we would need to charge approximately $250 to cover these expenses.