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What benefit can I make out of Jeemara? In particular,  how different is it from a university that teaches translation and offers a degree?

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The training that Jeemara offers is from authentic work on the labour market. While a university is an academic institution that is based on research, Jeemara combines research with authentic partice of career translators and interpreters. What you learn here will be readily implementable in translation and interpreting jobs.

While universities undoubtedly offer degrees, mastering translation skills requires a more specialized approach. At Jeemara, an institution distinct from traditional universities, three critical components ensure comprehensive skill development. Firstly, our instructors are seasoned professionals actively engaged in the translation industry, blending practical experience with academic rigor. They delve deep into market dynamics while staying abreast of cutting-edge research, enriching the learning experience. Secondly, our curriculum is meticulously crafted, emphasizing real-world scenarios to cultivate proficiency efficiently. Thirdly, Jeemara fosters an environment conducive to the analytical thinking necessary for translation, nurturing students' abilities effectively. Unlike universities, our apprenticeship model prioritizes both speed and quality, offering intensive learning with no room for subjective teaching methods. Our trainers, experts in their fields, bring invaluable insights from their roles in international organizations as translators, interpreters, and proofreaders. Remarkably, all this comes at a competitive price point, challenging the notion that quality education must come with a hefty price tag.