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I have consistently offered suggestions for improving our training experience and have made requests to participate in additional courses, but unfortunately, none of them have been acknowledged. For instance:

  • I suggested having reminders for training sessions since it's challenging for me to regularly check the calendar or website. It would be much clearer if reminders were sent via private messages on platforms like WhatsApp. Why hasn't this option been considered?

  • I recommended the introduction of a training course in a specific field, but my proposal was turned down. I'm curious as to why my input wasn't taken into account.

  • I find the current forum setup for lesson postings inconvenient and would prefer receiving them through email or WhatsApp. However, this preference has not been accommodated, despite my repeated requests.

I urge you to reassess your policies 

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Please, distinguish between businesses and non-profit organizations like ours. While a company may accommodate all requests when you purchase a service, our organization operates differently. Implementing the additional features you are asking for would incur additional costs. If you're willing to cover these costs, we can consider integrating the features into our training activities.