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Your course fees are high. Can you give me any discounts?

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We regret to hear that you may be experiencing difficulties meeting our pricing structure. However, we remain steadfast in our belief that our prices are competitive when considering the quality of authentic education we provide. These prices are a reflection of the actual costs we incur, which encompass the acquisition of costly resources essential for crafting training materials and delivering consultations on effective educational strategies aimed at achieving optimal outcomes.

In acknowledging the financial constraints some students may face, we do offer discounts ranging from 10% to 30%, provided there are other students who have paid the full fees, thereby enabling us to maintain the integrity of our educational services. Regarding complimentary offerings, we provide free induction sessions solely on select topics such as the ethics of translation, the ethics of court interpreting at civil courts, and Arabic proofreading. Each session spans one hour. However, more advanced courses are subject to fees.

Nevertheless, if a group of students make any contribution collectively that covers the cost, we will be able to run the course and accept new students at even lower prices. The likelihood of this to happen, however, is very low.