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Our story

Jeemara, the muse of translators

In the dawn of time, when the world was young and the gods walked among mortals, there existed a prosperous civilization nestled in a verdant valley. These people, known for their cunning and ambition, sought to build a mighty empire that would stretch across the land.

But as their cities grew taller and their ambitions soared higher, the people of this ancient civilization grew prideful and arrogant. They scoffed at the gods' warnings, believing themselves to be masters of their own destiny. In their hubris, they committed acts of greed and betrayal, forsaking the virtues of compassion and kindness.

Witnessing the depths of their depravity, the gods grew wrathful. They convened in the celestial realms and decreed a curse upon the land. With a thunderous roar that shook the very foundations of the earth, the curse was cast upon the people.

Suddenly, the once-unified language spoken by the populace fractured into a myriad of tongues, each incomprehensible to the other. Confusion reigned as neighbors became strangers, unable to understand or communicate with one another. The curse was irreversible, and the people were fated to live in discord, their unity shattered by their own folly.

Amidst this chaos, there lived a humble child. Despite the hardships that befell her people, she possessed a heart full of compassion and empathy. One fateful day, as she wandered the bustling streets of her city, she came across a weary traveler, his clothes tattered and his spirits low.

Without hesitation, the child offered the traveler her own cloak, despite the biting cold that nipped at her own skin. Ignoring her discomfort, she wrapped the cloak around the traveler's shoulders, her actions driven by a selfless desire to provide comfort and warmth.

Moved by the purity of the child's kindness, the heavens themselves took notice. From the celestial realms descended a radiant goddess, her beauty transcendent and her presence awe-inspiring. With a smile that lit up the darkness, she bestowed her blessing upon the child, filling her with a divine light.

"Go forth, Jeemara!" the goddess spoke, her voice like music to the ears of mortals. "With my multilingual blessing, you shall bridge the chasm of language that divides my children. Let compassion be your guide, and empathy your strength. Go forth, Jeemara and may your deeds inspire others to follow in your footsteps."

And so, imbued with the goddess's blessing, the child set out on her journey, a beacon of hope in a world torn asunder by strife and discord. Armed with the gift of tongues and a heart full of compassion, she dedicated her life to the noble art of translation, tirelessly working to build bridges between people, cultures, and civilizations.

Thus, the Virtual School of Translation and Arabic Related Arts was born. A testament to the enduring legacy of a humble child whose kindness transcended the boundaries of language and brought harmony to a fractured world.


Jeemara brings together enthusiasts of translation, interpreting, and Arabic-related arts from around the world to mutually train in an environment where learners construct their knowledge with facilitator support. Participants receive a certificate upon completion, although we do not assert authority to issue official certifications. Obtaining certification from private institutions involves complex procedures and financial constraints beyond our means, given our limited resources for maintaining a virtual platform and website hosting. Therefore, we have opted to issue certificates independently. Consequently, while we do not claim official status for the certificates, they do reflect the training workshops attended by members of our educational program.

Jeemara stands for: Join, Explore and Enjoy Multilingualism and Arabic Related Arts